Medical & Healthcare Disinfection

Keeping Your Patients, Employees and You Safe

Everyday patients are treated in medical facilities, and Healthcare centers are faced with the challenge of spores, bacteria, viruses and diseases left behind in their facilities, and unfortunately these have become common in facilities we inspect.. This can lead to healthcare associated infections for you, employees and patients.

That being said, With the emergence of SARS, MERS and lately Covid19 (Wuhan Disease) there is a much broader need for infection control and disinfection services than just healthcare. Our disinfection services protect your employees, and your patients from germs left behind in your waiting rooms, on equipment, on walls, and many other surfaces. Simple cleaning services will not have the training or expertise to eliminate germs and bacteria like our procedures do. Let’s start with a thorough inspection & analysis of your facility, identifying all infectious and contaminated areas, test results are obtainable within 24 hours,


We can achieve a 99.9 reduction of bacteria & viruses that would normally grow if untreated.


Expect minimal or no downtime at your facility, we move fast & efficiently to ensure you can continue working


Our approved products are low in toxicity & harmful chemicals. Keeping you, employees & your clients safer.


Our services are very reasonably priced & significantly less expensive than the cost of an infectious outbreak.

Healthcare Services We Work With

EMS Ambulance


Cross-contamination in ambulances can be common and is a serious issue.  We help you meet and maintain the myriad of pathogen regulations that EMT company’s face, this will minimize your liability in virus spreading situations.

Regardless of the number of ambulances you have we can handle it.  Our services will give you peace of mind knowing you’re protected 24/7. When we need your help, your here for us, and when you need our help, we’re here for you.


Outpatient Facilities


Outpatient facilities involving treatment, intervention, diagnosis and rehabilitation have significantly increased as more patients get treatment from outpatient services rather than traditional hospitals. That being said, like hospitals, these outpatient facilities will also experience contamination. 

Outpatient facilities now have access to disinfection services used by the large hospitals but now at an affordable rate. Whether your running an outpatient facility,clinic, or community health center. We provide you with affordable and thorough disinfection protection.

Medical Offices


Physicians, Dentists, Chiropractors, and other medical professionals are vital professions in the medical industry. Their daily work and work environments are very likely to develop germs, bacteria, and even viruses on surfaces and equipment.

Facing increased regulations and insurance pressures in your industry, it’s important to have regular commercial-grade disinfection services performed routinely for the prevention of Community-Acquired Infections (CAI’s). Our services protect your practice from harmful pathogens, and you will have peace of mind knowing that you provided the necessary cleaning services for your employees and patients to stay safe. 

We can’t mention every type of facility we clean,
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Another Happy Client

I work at an Aerospace company with over 100 employees that is considered an essential business. Our employees’ health and safety is our #1 priority. We reached out to Allguard Infection Control and they delivered! They also met our short timing request. They are very knowledgeable, thorough, and detail oriented. We are very pleased with their service and highly recommend them.ngs.

Ross Bailey

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